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Saving the best til last

Do you find that your best employees don't stay for as long as you’d hoped, planned for or expected?

Are more than one of them moving to a similar role in another organisation which offers higher pay maybe?

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Where's John?

Some of you will be familiar with that sinking feeling when you walk into the workplace and find that once again ‘John’ is off sick or hasn't arrived on time for his shift.

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Plan for the Next Scorcher.....Snowstorm

We’ve just come out of what will hopefully not be the hottest part of summer.......

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If I had a pound for everytime I'd heard that

What actually motivates employees?

Is it the money? Is it taking satisfaction from a job well done? Is it working in a challenging work environment? Anything else perhaps?

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Hubble bubble toil and trouble

'Performance Management', getting the best out of your teams can feel very much like a black art because managers get fearful of the do's and don'ts of people management.

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Onboarding a New Employee? Don't tie yourself in knots!

Do you ever find it frustrating when you take on a new employee and worry that your onboarding process isn’t quite as complete and motivating as it should be?

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To discipline or not to discipline that is the question?

When I speak to managers who have concerns about their employee's performance, they often feel fearful about the do's and don'ts of people management as they are concerned about the implications of where a difficult conversation with an employee may lead.

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Did you know that happy employees will increase your........

Did you know that happy employees will increase your:

• productivity levels; • customer satisfaction; • profits and most importantly....... • reduce your stress levels!!

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Do you get frustrated with underperforming staff?

We often hear of managers getting frustrated because their employees are not achieving the targets set for them or working to the standards that they require.

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Are your sickness levels spiralling out of control?

Sickness levels can have a very damaging effect on your business, and it is essential that they are managed correctly. Potentially it can be very costly in terms of loss of long-term and high revenue customers as a result of not meeting your commitments.

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