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Have you ever wondered how the blue chip companies inspire their teams, motivating them to go just that extra mile?

We’ve distilled the following themes from our work with organisations, large and small, new and old (mature maybe).

It doesn’t actually cost a lot to inspire employees in a new way of thinking and/or your way of thinking. After all, you agreed what you both expected when you signed employment contracts - see previous posts about that one!

So, to the themes, all provided under the umbrella of wanting to do the best, be the best and provide the best you can to your customers, users, whatever.

1) Effective Communication - the most important element to a brilliant working relationship is (no surprise) communication..and remember communication happens anyway, wherever humans get together there’s always going to be something to talk about. At work it can again be about anything but expect it to be about company performance, individual performance (good or bad). The grapevine is the most effective method of communication, you do have to embrace this and as a result why not get your team involved in the decision making process?

Your employees may well have some of the best ideas Google have Cafés, which are designed to encourage interactions between employees within and across teams, and to spark conversation about work as well as play*

2) Processes - you have (hopefully) well designed processes covering what you do as a business, or organisation, so make sure that you have processes in place which aim to support and inspire individual development and performance, such as, appraisal systems.

3) Reward & Recognition Schemes - make sure that these differentiate between individual levels of performance and reward appropriately.

4) Positivity - create a positive and supportive working environment which encourages team working, everything from social events, to bulletin boards, moan and groan sessions, daily kick off huddles.

5) Culture - be clear about the DNA that runs through your organisation. What does that mean? It means, what culture are you looking for? What defines your employees? Positivity, passion for their role, high levels of customer service? Be clear about these factors and make sure that these characteristics run through how you recruit, reward and performance manage your teams.

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We love the photos shown in our blog posts, we’re very pleased to recognise the photographers from unsplash.com.

*"Googles Secrets of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees", Forbes Online, Laura He, 23 March 2017.