Choose your ideal plan

We are confident that HR Pulse will meet all your needs and you get to decide how much or how little you want to use. From resource planning through to formal HR letters, contracts of employment, employee handbooks, HR policies and employment forms to disciplinaries, grievances, redundancies, absence management, disciplinary, performance management, probation periods, appraisals and more.

Our HR software provides a safe pair of hands to simplify and minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims that can be very costly and time-consuming to defend and that can cause damage to company reputations.

We can help you to choose the plan that’s right for you…


If you are looking for HR software where you can store your employee information securely, generate team reports and process leave requests, then this is the option for you.


If you need to store your employee documents, access to a library of HR documents and our decision-making tools which provide you with an interactive tool to show you simply and quickly how to manage your staff, as well as everything above, then this is the option for you. You will also be able to store your own HR documents and control what information your employees can see.


If you need access to all of the above, plus friendly professional HR support at the end of the phone to guide you through any complex cases, then this is the plan for you.

Each plan includes IT support to address any queries you might have.

Your Plan Bronze Silver Gold
Announcement Tool Yes Yes Yes
Store your employee's details Yes Yes Yes
Store employee appraisal and training information Yes Yes Yes
Team Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Monitor absence using Bradford Factors Yes Yes Yes
Employee Self Service Yes Yes Yes
Employees can request holiday online Yes Yes Yes
Managers can input all their team's absences Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Function Yes Yes Yes
Employee Document Storage No Yes Yes
Decision-making Tools No Yes Yes
HR Document Library No Yes Yes
Telephone support from a HR professional No No Yes


Cost per month
No. of Employees Bronze Silver Gold
1-10 £15 £40 £70
11-20 £30 £45 £80
21-30 £45 £65 £100
31-40 £60 £85 £120
41-50 £75 £105 £140
51-60 £90 £125 £160
61-70 £105 £145 £180
71-80 £120 £165 £200
81-90 £135 £185 £220
91-100 £150 £205 £240
101-110 £165 £225 £260
111-120 £180 £245 £280
121-130 £195 £265 £300
131-140 £210 £285 £320
141-150 £225 £305 £340
151-plus Quote Available on Request