People management can be a minefield - with regular changes to employment law to stay on top of as well as understanding the practical 'do's and don'ts and what to look for when there is a problem. We have been impressed by what HR Pulse offers as it takes a lot of the thinking out of our people management and gives us the confidence, with great tools, to know how to manage teams effectively.

HR Pulse also provides professional and high quality HR documents. Its holiday and leave booking functions have reduced our admin burden considerably and these have helped to streamline our resource planning. We would strongly recommend that you give HR Pulse a try. It truly is a fantastic business management tool.

Deans Accountants
HR Pulse: HR software - Deans

I am always interested to see great innovative products and HR Pulse really does not disappoint. This software program is very professional and efficient and makes people management simple.

I had many questions about the functionality of the program and at the click of a button my questions were answered. Very impressive!

I would recommend and encourage you to take a look at this product you will not be disappointed.

Coach 24/7
HR Pulse: HR software - Coach 24/7

As General Manager of a small but extremely busy company, the introduction, by Sue Green, of "HR Pulse" has helped me to create a HR system within our business, which is organised, up-to-date with employment law issues, documents at my fingertips, and so much help and advice I don’t know how I managed before, with just my little ole spreadsheets, trying to collate holidays, sickness, appraisals etc.

Now I have all my HR in one place and this new system is brilliant, I cannot speak highly enough about "HR Pulse”. Thank you Sue for bringing this into our company.

HR Pulse: HR software - Taymount

As a small charity we have found HR Pulse to be highly useful, simple to use and most of all comprehensive.

Before using HR Pulse we did not have a dedicated HR support. This HR software has allowed us to monitor and plan annual leave, including sickness and given staff access to a range of comprehensive HR Policies as well as providing great step-by-step guides on how to manage our staff.

I highly recommend the use of this HR software.

Stafford & Cannock League of Hospital Friends
HR Pulse: HR software - Stafford and Cannock League of Hospital Friends

For a small local charity, HR Pulse have been incredibly helpful with providing specific HR expertise along with effective resources for a range of scenarios that needed addressing. This has proven great value for our organisation, that is without a dedicated HR team.

Make Some Noise
HR Pulse: HR software - Make Some Noise

HR Pulse is an excellent piece of software that provides all the essential tools to manage staff effectively. The resources it offers are second to none. HR Pulse does more than just to store employee information, it also provides simple to use and interactive HR support and advice.

Baswich Business Services
HR Pulse: HR software - Baswich Business Services

As Hope Creative was chosen to help create the brand identity and design the user interface pages for HR Pulse, we were also privileged to be the first ones to experience the use of the cloud-based HR software.

We were supplied with a user guide but found the system so easy to use and to navigate through that we did not need to refer to it. HR Pulse gives access to a vast array of documents to refer to and download in order to support any business in a number of areas which includes the management of absence management, disciplinary etc..

The system is a fantastic HR cloud-based solution that will allow businesses to save time and money. We would highly recommend HR Pulse as an effective system for employee information management.

Hope Creative
HR Pulse: HR software - Hope Creative