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How would you like to have the support of an HR team without the overhead? We have created a Cloud-based HR software which provides a complete HR management solution for all your HR needs that can be easily accessed anywhere via your laptop, tablet or even using your mobile. It provides a full HR service at your fingertips, letting you control your personal employee information in one manageable, easy-to-read format.

Designed with you in mind

  • Commercially-focused design team
  • Flawless and comprehensive system
  • Data at the touch of a button

Our HR software has been designed with you in mind because we believe it’s important to be core to your business. We appreciate you are very busy people and can significantly benefit from simplified solutions to maximise how your time is spent.

All our material has been designed by commercially-focused HR professionals, experienced within a diverse range of industries. They have an in-depth understanding of the pitfalls associated with not being compliant with employment law. This enables us to create a flawless HR software solution that provides a full and comprehensive solution for you and your employees at the touch of a button.

We can supply all your HR needs – from formal HR letters, contracts of employment, employee handbooks, HR policies and employment forms – to help you to simply manage disciplinaries, grievances, redundancies, absence, probation periods, appraisals and more. HR Pulse provides a safe pair of hands to simplify and minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims that can be very costly and time-consuming to defend and that can cause damage to company reputations.

Easy to use, easy to master

  • User-friendly layout
  • Step-by-step guide
  • One manageable source

HR Pulse HR software has simple to use processes and a user-friendly layout which is easy to grasp from the first moment you use it. It will guide you step-by-step through the processes of how to manage typical employment challenges.

The information can then be stored on your HR Pulse account, making all records easily accessible and updateable at the touch of a button from one manageable source.

It provides you with a highly cost-effective solution to all your HR needs, giving you time to focus on growing your business, rather than spending endless hours on the bureaucratic side of life.

In safe hands

  • Highly secure system
  • IT support when you need it
  • Reliable up-to-date information

HR Pulse HR software is highly secure, giving you confidence that all your employees’ details are in a secure place.

We will provide IT support as and when you need it, giving you a seamless system.

HR Pulse HR software gives you the ability to store real-time information, once the data is entered, meaning the correct information is always up to date and ready to view or use.

For further information or to arrange your free demo, call Sue Green on 07951 356700 or contact Sue Green on sue@evergreenhr.co.uk