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Information at your fingertips

“Are you struggling to know how to manage sickness? With our HR Software you can monitor and manage your absence levels.”

Imagine a world where you can see everything about your people in one place. Now you can make this happen – HR Pulse puts your core management information at your fingertips and does the thinking for you.

Designed by highly experienced and qualified HR professionals, our Cloud-based HR software is the easy, safe and cost-effective centralised way to meet all your HR needs. HR Pulse offers a complete HR management solution. It doesn't just store your data, it helps you to understand how to manage people and provides you with comprehensive tools to do it.

With HR Pulse you can decide how much or how little of it you want to use.

HR Pulse meets all your HR needs:

  • Formal HR letters, contracts of employment and employee handbooks,
  • HR policies and employment forms
  • Disciplinary processes, grievances, redundancies, absence and probation periods
  • Employee appraisals
  • Automatically, calculating your holiday entitlements through our holiday booking functionality
  • Absence management
  • Performance management

And it provides a safe pair of hands to minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims that can be very costly and also damage your company reputation.

We’re at the heart of your business

“Happier workers, our research found, were 12% more productive. Unhappier workers were 10% less productive.”
University of Warwick's Economic Research Institute journal

We understand that your time is valuable and that you need to focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy. That’s why we’ve created HR Pulse HR software – so that you can manage your most costly resource … your people.

Employment legislation and general people management principles are changing all the time. You are now competing as a business on a global platform, which is why it’s so important to manage highly-engaged and high-performing teams. After all, a happy workforce equates to happy customers.

Our core values mean that our service is second to none

“Want to see your team's attendance levels for the next month so that you can plan ahead? Now you can.”

That’s why we’ve designed HR Pulse to be core to your business. We want to provide a service that’s second to none, really easy to use and that really helps your business to grow. Let our HR software do the thinking for you!

We are committed to operating all of our business practices so that they are closely aligned to our core values which are:

  • Authentic - Working honestly and with integrity
  • Innovative - Delivering high quality commercial solutions that save businesses time and money and maximises your team's performance
  • Friendly - Building lasting and effective relationships based on trust

Ultimately, we want to help you put people at the core of your business where they deliver tangible results for you because that’s why we are in business.

Five reasons to choose HR Pulse HR Software

“Are you unsure about how to manage a poor performer?”

With our easy-to-use HR software at your fingertips, you can:

  • Tap into real-time data anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Store safe and secure employee information that’s always up to date
  • Save you and your business both time and money
  • Use intuitive people management tools which enable you to manage your teams effectively with online industry-standard tools which do the thinking for you!
  • Have access to a comprehensive HR document library of 'best in class' HR documents which are all updated centrally so that you don't have to worry about updating them.
  • Have access to a complete HR management solution. HR Pulse offers support with absence management, disciplinary, performance management, and more.

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